Airplane Cocktails

Airplane Cocktails

When I saw this kit, I thought of my extremely talented sister who manages to be a rockstar mom to her two kids, work in the field of audiology, teach barre classes, and get her mixology degree to foster her love of cocktails. (I’m still bugging her for her Blueberry & Basil Martini recipe.)

Cocktails on the go are a welcome luxury, especially if you travel often for business. Flight delays, being forced to check your bag when you know it fit on the last flight, and those new parents who swear their two-year-old is “never like this” — travel can be a burden. Having a moment to destress is always welcome, especially if you’re sitting in coach.

Enter Carry On Cocktail Kits by W&P Design. These nifty little kits are available for the following cocktails: Old Fashioned, Moscow Mule, Gin and Tonic, Bloody Mary. And don’t forget this girl’s favorite Champagne Cocktail. The elderflower syrup makes this pretty cocktail absolutely delicious. Even better, they offer a discount when you sign up for their newsletter.

Treat yourself, or give a perfect gift for that busy traveller in your life. Check out Carry On Cocktails Kits at


Photo credit: W&P Design

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